LIGHTz, creating "traditional way of being" with AI to a new era tradition

Message from CEO


In October 2016, LIGHTz Inc. was established in Tsukuba, a science city where has assembled advanced knowledge. Our business concept is "providing deep insights to people and society." We would like to contribute to great growth of the society. The company name "LIGHTz" stands for "light", which gently illuminates bright future. The core technology of LIGHTz is artificial intelligence, AI. Our founding members were engaged in "Knowledge Transfer Consulitng Services" in the field of manufacturing. We have established a technology to transform the "experts' thinking process" into AI based on our consulting experience. This AI technology has been developed based on the concept of "generalizing specialized knowledge". Currently, its scope of application is expanding not only to the manufacturing industries but also to various fields such as agriculture and sports. We hope to use this AI technology to support you to pass experts' knowledge and skill onto next generation in various fields. Our AI prize ​​"tradition", which is to "connect someone's knowledge and experiences to the next generation in a certain way" and for makeing the new generation to feel "I'm glad I was born in this era". For that reason, we think we can do something as we were born and are living in the present. LIGHTz connects the knowledge and pride that people have spun in history to a new era by converting the deep and complicated thinking process of predecessor into AI systems that can be used in business. And we will pass the baton to the awareness of the people who live in the present. By realizing this, I do think we would like to find a direction to solve the problems that cover the world, and increase the exhilarating news and smiles of people as much as possible.

Our vision

By generalizing the "expert experiences and thoughts" that should be transferred to the next generations, we will create AI that is useful to society and become "good awareness" for people living in the next generation. As an AI company and a group of experts who solve various problems, we will create and provide "Creating AI that is useful to society" with advanced solutions. We would like to continue to pay attention to various things and listen carefully to promote a good movement together with all of you and become a solid "light" that illuminates everyone's future. We look forward to your continued support and expectations for the growth of LIGHTz.

CEO, Shingo Otobe