Artificial Intelligence which Generalize Knowledge of Experts for the Next Generations


In October 2016,
LIGHTz core technology is "Transforming expert's thinking into accessible knowledge with artificial intelligence".
With the experience of "Knowledge Transfer Consulitng Services" in the field of manufacturing, we developed this technology.
Utilize the artificial intelligence technology "ORGENIUS", we help you to pass experts' knowledge and skill onto next generation.



ORGENIUS, which Generalize Knowledge of Experts for the Next Generations.


What will it be like when we work with artificial intelligence?
What will the society be like when artificial intelligence starts to work with us?

While asking these questions,
we imagine the near-future of the world and investigate artificial intelligence, then developed a new AI solution.

Which is “ORGENIUS”.

What can ORGENIUS do?

Our specialized consultant who are called “Weaver” extract and sort out the complicated thoughts from experts through the conversation, with our unique consulting method. Then the expert's way of thinking would be visualized under the ‘BrainModel®’ frame.

When the ‘BrainModel®’ embedded in "ORGENIUS", it becoms outstading AI which you may get essential and useful information through asking few keywords. After repeated use, ORGENIUS will be optimized, as if the conversations with experts are around you, helping you to think from their perspectives.

Have you ever been confused in this kind of situation?

ORGENIUS can solve this situation.

Step for ”Thought" into shape

1 Collect and sort out knowledges

We find the clues to solve problems with our unique consulting method and analytic method, systemizing the process of trial and error.。

2 "Thought" into "Shape"

We visualize complicated thinking process that was networked, making it easy to understand

3 Place expert's way of thinking in AI system

As a self-improveing AI, it calculates and learns based on expert's way of thinking, gradually becomes useful search engine in this process.

With Artificial Intelligence, we are able to generalize knowledge for the next generations

"Knowledge generalization" is transforming the professional knowledge and insight in experts' mind into another format, which can be easily understood by the next generation.

About the application destination of "Specialist AI"

BtoS (Society)& BtoF (Future)

Provide deep insights to the people and and society, expanding possibilities, and contribute to building a fruitful future.